We Give You The Self Isolation Sale!

In case you’ve been living under a rock for the past few months, the world has been struck down with the vicious and unprecedented Covid-19. Whether you view this as the beginning of the end, God’s wrath or justification for the bunker you previously built out your back garden, we at InSide Marketing see it as an opportunity to do some good.

We painstakingly researched this global pandemic and spent minutes conversing with members of the scientific community and after each of these conversations we were left with the same questions, “Who are you”, “How did you get this number” and “I’m a scientologist not a scientist”.  

With this in mind we threw out the old rulebook (into our green bin of course) and set about creating and manufacturing everything you will need to operate effectively in the modern business environment while working from home . 

We give you the Social Isolation Sale.


The Selfie Isolation Stick

Are you working from home with someone who just doesn’t practice safe social distancing? Then grab yourself The “Selfie Isolation” Stick, the latest and greatest in social distancing technology! Simply deploy your selfie stick in any situation where you feel you need a little more space. If people still aren’t keeping their distance then feel free to attach a fork* to the end of your selfie isolation stick, to really help drive the point home.

*Fork not included

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